SPAR Hungary eases restrictions on bulk purchases

April 16, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: COVID-19

SPAR Hungary has eased restrictions on bulk purchases, which were implemented in the last week of March. Additionally, in a further effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, customers shopping in SPAR and INTERSPAR stores in Hungary are now given protective equipment. Upon entering the stores, gloves can be put on and discarded in the dust bins after completing the shopping.

Easing quantitative restrictions

As of 3 April, quantitative restrictions on certain products bought online or instore have been eased, as the supply chain improves and panic buying reduces.

SPAR Hungary had initially introduced restrictions on volume purchases at the end of March to ensure that all customers could access daily necessities. For online orders and purchases instore, there was a limit of 5kg per product for fresh products.

For items sold in volumes of ten, such as toilet paper, the purchase limit was set at one unit per person. Now, this restriction only applies to flour, oil, rice, and yeast.

Masks to protect employees

All SPAR colleagues in retail and distribution have received disposable masks. Disposable masks are not easily sourced due to high global demand so to ensure the long-term safety of employees, two reusable, washable and disinfectable masks per person have been issued.

Measures in retail and distribution

Since the start of the outbreak, SPAR Hungary has put various measures in place for the safety of customers and colleagues in stores, as summarised below.

Protective masks and gloves are available for colleagues, clear signage instore facilitates social distancing by customers and plexiglass shields protect those manning the checkouts. In the bakery, items are now pre-packaged whilst additional bags and tools have been made available.

In distribution centres, production facilities and stores hand sanitizers are available, emphasising the importance of hand washing, whilst additional cleaning procedures have been applied. In staff canteens, social distancing has been integrated with breaks adjusted to suit. By working in shifts in both retail and distribution, thus preventing unnecessary contact, SPAR Hungary is ensuring continuity of supply for customers.

For colleagues working in the distribution centres, food production facility and head office, extra corporate buses have been arranged, ensuring social distancing can be applied whilst wherever practical, home office working has been made possible.

Source: SPAR Hungary

About SPAR Hungary

The first SPAR Supermarket opened in Hungary in 1992, following the acquisition by ASPIAG (Austria SPAR International AG) of a majority stake in General Kereskedelmi Rt. Since its launch, SPAR Hungary has been actively involved in the development of the retail industry in the country.

The move to license independent retailers to operate the SPAR Brand has proven successful for Hungary, with new stores meeting the needs of a larger number of shoppers. The retailers benefit from becoming part of the SPAR organisation with access to own brand products, operating systems and the brand, whilst consumers enjoy the increased number of store locations.