SPAR Gran Canaria adapt diverse measures

March 22, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: COVID-19

Facing the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, SPAR retailers continue to show great resilience and responsiveness in fulfilling their vital community role with great responsibility towards colleagues and customers. SPAR Gran Canaria which operates in 21 areas of the island has adopted numerous measures in an endeavour to reduce the spread of COVID-19 corona virus. 

Communication to customers 

Posters have been displayed throughout all of their stores featuring helpful tips for customers including details of social distancing instore, careful planning to minimise length of stay instore, reducing the number of customers instore at any one time and indicating a preference for digital payment.  

Protecting employees and customers 

Exceptional cleaning and disinfecting procedures have been incorporated into the daily routine in all retail stores, with special focus on shopping trollies, baskets, service departments and display counters. All colleagues have adopted more frequent hand-washing and the use of disinfectants. 

The indicative recommended space of 1-2 metres has been marked out at all till points and more protection in the form of perspex screens at cash desks increases the level of protection further. 

The home delivery service which is offered by SPAR Gran Canaria has been amended to minimize direct contact with customers and at all times a safe distance of 1-2 metres is respected.   

Distribution centre measures 

The increased cleaning and disinfection procedures have also been applied to the two logistics centers in El Goro and Mercalaspalmas. Hand sanitizers have been made available at diverse points throughout the buildings for colleagues to use. The contracted transport companies have reassured SPAR Gran Canaria that they have also adopted all sanitary and hygiene measures.  

All dialogue with suppliers is being done virtually, thereby ensuring the continued supply of goods into the distribution centres, key to the ongoing replenishment of the almost 200 SPAR stores.   

By following all of the safety recommendations made by the local authorities, the health of SPAR Gran Canaria’s employees and customers will be safeguarded. 

 Source – SPAR Gran Canaria 

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