New INTERSPAR brings expanded ultra-fresh grocery selection to Russia’s Kaliningrad

January 22, 2021 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

SPAR Kaliningrad has opened a new INTERSPAR in Kaliningrad’s Baltic Mall. The modern hypermarket offers customers 24,000 SKUs in key departments covering fresh, ultra-fresh, bakery, alcoholic beverages, and food to go. 

Key services at the store include self-service checkouts, freshly baked pizza, a sushi counter, a children’s entertainment station, and a promo-alley.

The hypermarket uses the latest in energy-saving LED lighting and fast payment systems. SPAR Kaliningrad also runs a popular loyalty program, as well as an online store.

The new INTERSPAR Hypermarket is run by an enthusiastic team of 91 employees. This team is headed by a store manager with extensive experience running a hypermarket in Moscow. All store employees have completed an internship at the SPAR Training Centre in Kaliningrad. 

Excellent shopping experience
The new INTERSPAR Hypermarket is also equipped with all means to offer customers a pleasant and safe shopping experience. Throughout the store, customers will find markings to encourage social distancing and several sanitiser dispensers.

At the entrance of the store, there are free masks and gloves for customers. Instore, SPAR team members wear PPE such as visors, face masks, and gloves.

In August, SPAR also opened a new EUROSPAR Supermarket in the Kaliningrad region, bringing easy access of 15,000 grocery SKUs to the towns of Vasilkovo, Bolshoye, and Maloye Isakovo.

Source: SPAR Russia

About SPAR Russia

The first SPAR store in Russia was opened in August 2001, after SPAR International granted the licence to a regional partner. The central office is based in Moscow –supporting regional growth and expansion of the brand.

There are now more than 530 SPAR stores across the country. SPAR Russia’s success is driven by the recruitment of new partners, investing in new stores, and the continued investment in refurbishing existing stores. Expansion has resulted in greater buying power and improved knowledge sharing as the number of SPAR locations increases.