New EUROSPAR Supermarket opened in Russia’s Kaliningrad

August 27, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

A new EUROSPAR Supermarket has opened in Russia’s Kaliningrad region, bringing easy access of 15,000 grocery SKUs to the towns of Vasilkovo, Bolshoye, and Maloye Isakovo. The 1,500m2 store’s large parking area, clear layout, and self-checkout counters contribute to a comfortable shopping environment. 

The supermarket distinguishes itself with a complete promotional offer, bakery, ready-to-eat counter as well as a coffee island with fresh hot beverages and pastries. Offering a wide selection of fresh produce, meat, fish and dairy products, the store combines products from local suppliers with exclusive products from SPAR International.  

“Until now we had to buy everyday goods from small local kiosks, and if we needed to buy more, we had to travel to Gurievsk city. Now we have everything close by which is very convenient. This large, bright supermarket offers everything you need in one place”, comments Vasilkovo resident Irina Lisova.

The EUROSPAR Supermarket opening ceremony was attended by the owners of SPAR in Kaliningrad, as well as Sergey Podolsky, head of the Guryevsky municipal district.

“We want to thank all our partners, contractors, farmers, and suppliers”, said Oleg Ponomarev, Managing Director of SPAR Kaliningrad. “Following five years of development and an investment of 220 million rubles (almost 2,5 million), we now have a new EUROSPAR Supermarket. Of course, we also want to thank our valued customers – we are working hard for you 365 days a year.”

Source: SPAR Russia

About SPAR Russia

The first SPAR store in Russia was opened in August 2001, following the granting of the licence by SPAR International to a regional partner. The central office is based in Moscow –supporting regional growth and expansion of the brand.

There are now more than 530 SPAR stores across the country. The success enjoyed by SPAR in Russia is driven by the recruitment of new partners, investing in new stores, and the continued investment in refurbishing existing stores. Expansion has resulted in greater buying power and improved knowledge sharing as the number of SPAR locations increases.