INTERSPAR Austria’s bakery apprentice wins silver medal

November 4, 2022 IN THE CATEGORY: People

SPAR Austria’s apprentice programme led INTERSPAR bakery apprentice Anton Farbmacher to the AustrianSkills State Championships. Within just three years of starting his apprenticeship, the talented 18-year-old baker won the silver medal at this year’s competition. The family’s bakery, known as Toni’s Backstube or Farbmacher, was where Anton first became interested in baking. The INTERSPAR apprentice programme, where 330 young people are currently learning various skills, ensured further development of his professional knowledge.

INTERSPAR bakeries are spread across the country and a wealth of talent can be found within the teams. Anton trained for the championship with the 24-year-old master baker, Monika Bernhofer, who runs the INTERSPAR bakery in Salzburg. Monika won gold in both the apprenticeships championships in Salzburg and national’s baker’s apprenticeship championships when she competed.

Speaking about the silver medal, Anton Farbmacher said, “It feels great to receive an award like this. However, this would not have been possible without the support of the INTERSPAR bakery team, for which I thank them. The preparations for the competition were sometimes exhausting, but overall I had a lot of fun and I was able to learn a lot from Monika.”

INTERSPAR bakery apprenticeship

Anton enjoys working in the INTERSPAR bakery in Wörgl where craftsmanship is very important. “The nicest thing about my job is that you can immediately hold the result of your work in your hands,” he says. He thinks it’s great that INTERSPAR is constantly working on new recipes to offer customers only the best. “In our bakery; bread, pastries, and cakes are made of the best quality. I am very pleased that through this award, it is clear what our apprentices and the INTERSPAR bakeries, in general, are capable of,” said master baker Hermann Schöpf, head of the INTERSPAR bakery in Wörgl.

AustrianSkills state championships

At the championships, organised by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, around 200 of the best Austrian specialists compete for a place at the international WorldSkills2022 and Euroskills2023 competitions. An impressive picture of the professional know-how of the Austrian specialists was demonstrated over three days of this year’s competition.

Source: SPAR Austria

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