SPAR Georgia ensure protection of colleagues and customers

March 24, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: COVID-19

SPAR Georgia, having celebrated their fifth anniversary last November and operating almost 200 stores around the country, has become well known to customers seeking convenience solutions in city centre locations or weekly groceries in neighbourhod stores. As such, when the corona virus COVID-19 began to make its presence felt in the market, they communicated widely about their responsiveness and support for those in need.

In line with local recommendations, SPAR Georgia has ensured the protection of their colleagues and customers by issuing face shields and gloves to all of their retail employees. Regular messaging to colleagues ensured early adoption of the measures. At-risk colleagues were identified and alternative solutions have been found for them.

A rigorous cleaning programme has been implemented since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak and is applicable at their distribution centre as well as in their supermarkets around the country.

Customers are encouraged to pay using digital means rather than cash whenever possible, reducing contact between customers and colleagues.

In line with ongoing legislation changes, as of 21 March, no more than five customers will be able to enter their stores at any one time, based on the average store size of 125 square metres. By doing this, it’s possible to ensure the locally recognised social distance of one metre which is effective.

With a key role in convenience and ready-made meal solutions, SPAR Georgia reassured customers by showing this video on their Facebook channel about the quality of their food preparation.

The delivery shown in the video is being made to the local hospital, another part of their community support, particularly needed at this time.

SPAR Georgia are using social media platforms to thank all those not only in supermarkets but all sectors working together to ensure the public’s health and safety at this time.

Source: SPAR Georgia

About SPAR Georgia

The SPAR Partner in Georgia is Foodmart, an existing food retailer with a strong and successful business. The licence to operate the brand was granted to SPAR Georgia by SPAR International in early 2014. SPAR was launched in the country later that year, with the opening of three supermarkets in one day in the capital city, Tbilisi.

SPAR Georgia has focused on offering a good selection of fresh produce and traditional Georgian baked goods, complemented by a localised Food-to-Go proposal. The stores also include SPAR Own Brand ranges, baby food ranges, increased grocery lines, and non-food departments.