SPAR stores at university campuses in the Netherlands support caregivers

March 18, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: COVID-19

This unique group of stores is exploring ways to make their team members available to support organisations such as the Red Cross and hospitals during the outbreak of COVID-19. SPAR stores cited on university campuses have been closed since 13 March, when the Dutch government announced social distancing measures to curb the epidemic, resulting in their usual clientele studying from home.

All of the stores located on university campuses are run by an independent retailer who seeks to play a coordinating role – where requested – by asking businesses to make their team members available to help with tasks that could be done by non-qualified healthcare personnel, such as bringing food to people, replenishing stocks, disinfecting, administrative tasks, etc. In this way, medical professionals can focus on the crucial parts of their job.

The SPAR retailer notes his team are already in touch with a few hospitals due to their proximity to his stores and wants to get in touch with more, to get a better understanding of the work that could be done by students and other team members.

The SPAR staff from these university stores can  help institutions by Skyping or calling the elderly, doing groceries or entertaining kids whose parents work in government stipulated vital professions. Of course, our SPAR teams are also available to work with teams in other SPAR stores that are not located on university campuses, said a spokeperson.

To increase the group of people who are able to assist critical operations at this time, the SPAR retailer  is making the sign-up website available to other companies where operational activities have been halted.

“I like ‘doing things’, especially during this peculiar and extreme situation”, the SPAR retailer said. “There are probably a lot of obstacles ahead of us. Still, we see this situation as an interesting challenge with a beautiful end goal: contribute to the medical staff in the healthcare field and come through this period by being quick, smarter and working together. And how wonderful is it to use the enthusiasm of our happy teams to help other people.”

Source: SPAR Netherlands