Best in class: Another two exceptional EUROSPAR Supermarkets

September 7, 2018 IN THE CATEGORY: Feature articles

We highlight here another two outstanding EUROSPAR Supermarkets. The first is located in the historic Italian city of Modena and the second in the Russian capital, Moscow. Both have brought a much-appreciated new shopping experience to the communities in which they operate. 


The Italian city of Modena, home of balsamic vinegar, Ferrari and Lamborghini, has welcomed a state-of-the art EUROSPAR Supermarket that spans 1,500 m2. The EUROSPAR Supermarket, operated by SPAR Italy Partner, Aspiag, lives up to its historic food heritage with an exceptional offering of world-class products that are both locally and internationally sourced. The complete assortment of 15,000 products allows for an extensive yet fast weekly shop, with four of its 12 checkouts being self-service.

A focus has been placed on the fresh department, especially the deli and fruit & vegetable section. A lot of attention has been given to the sourcing of local delicacies that are popular with customers, such as a selection of traditional cold meats and cheeses.

Built in just six months, the EUROSPAR Supermarket ranks highly in terms of energy efficiency, thanks to the use of new technologies such as LED lighting, solar paneling, and an energy efficient, reversible heat pump. The supermarket is rated as an A3-energy class, meaning it is a best performing building in terms of energy consumption.

The store, which puts a strong focus on catering to the needs of locals, has been greatly welcomed as an alternative to other less-customer centric brands.


SPAR Russia Partner, Middle Volga, opened an impressive EUROSPAR Supermarket in Moscow, the first of seven to follow the same, new design style. The supermarket has a retail selling area of 1,850 m2, is open seven days a week and serves more than 240,000 customers a month.

The assortment of more than 15,000 SKUs offers great choice from cold cut meats and cheeses to household and beauty care items. A focus has been placed on offering a large selection of home-meal replacement dishes that are produced instore on a daily basis. Customers have an amazing choice of foods from sushi and wok noodles to kebabs, dumplings and steaks cooked instore on an open charcoal grill. There is also a bakery section where freshly baked breads, pastries and pizzas are produced each day and there is a special confectionery area offering a variety of cakes and pastries. The fresh foods produced instore account for an impressive 25% of store sales.

A large investment has been made into energy-saving technologies such as eco-friendly solid-state lighting and the recycling of energy produced by refrigeration units to heat water. The differentiation of cold and warm zones with the help of air curtains or glass doors installed at the refrigeration units help to reduce electricity costs. The glass prevents heat transfer, keeping the cold inside. In this way products, not the environment are cooled.

Key to the supermarket’s success has been its well-selected and trained employees, the wide assortment of top quality Food-to-Go products, and the high level of customer service.

This feature was first published in Issue 2 2018 of our quarterly magazine, Contact International.

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