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2018 Review

With the launch of SPAR in four new countries, combined with a growth of 335 new stores and a sales increase of 5.4% to €35.8 billion, 2018 has been another exceptionally strong year for SPAR.

The third year of our five-year SPAR ‘Better Together’ strategy delivered again for the organisation, our partners and our customers.

Expansion in store numbers driven by new store openings in both mature and developing markets saw SPAR grow its presence to 7,441,838m2 across 13,112 stores in 48 countries worldwide.

In Western Europe, sales grew by 4.1% to €22.1 billion in the 16 markets where SPAR has a presence across 9,680 stores.

Central and Eastern Europe grew by 15.8% across the 10 countries that SPAR has a presence, generating combined sales of €5.8 billion.

Across the Africa and Middle East region where SPAR has a presence in 15 markets, strong growth of 8.2% was maintained to achieve regional turnover of €5.9 billion.

SPAR now has a presence in seven Asia Pacific countries, with 573 stores and 1,014,675 m² in retail sales area achieving €1.96 billion in sales.

2018 was a hugely positive year for SPAR. Strong performance was underpinned by a multi-format strategy, which has enabled SPAR to defy the negative trends experienced in the wider retail sector and deliver another year of exceptional growth.

The four retail formats provide SPAR Partners with the flexibility required to meet the collective needs of all customers all over the world.


200 - 1000sqm
The local supermarket or neighbourhood store


< 2500sqm
Hypermarket format with up to 50% of the sales surface in non-food


1000 - 2500sqm
The large supermarket aimed at fulfilling the needs of weekly family shopping


< 200sqm
A distinct retail format responding to the convenience needs of today's consumer lifestyles

Future Outlook
As a result of our ‘Better Together’ strategy, we have made notable progress in the area of international joint buying and procurement. Our strategic objective is to accelerate this progress by further harnessing our international scale, pooling our global resources to reap economies of scale in all areas of our business and uniting our global partners to be and act better together. SPAR’s strong growth and expansion has been driven by the responsiveness of our retailers in placing the customer at the heart of everything that we do - a key success factor for the brand’s expansion since being founded in 1932.

In addition to capitalizing on the expected growth in the neighbourhood sector in Western Europe, a further two new license agreements have been agreed for the expansion of SPAR in Central and Eastern Europe. In Asia Pacific, growth is anticipated in China with new regional partners having been licensed during 2018 and the commitment from existing partners in this and other markets in the region to further expand the brand’s presence. Looking to the future and further afield, plans are at an advanced stage for the expansion of SPAR in South and Central America.

SPAR’s continuous compound annual growth of over 5% over the last three years creates a strong platform to build from for the future and indicates that our ‘Better Together’ strategy is performing well.