In 2017, the SPAR worldwide organisation achieved excellent growth of 5.3%

With the launch of SPAR in five new countries combined with a growth of 232 new stores and a sales increase of 5.3% to €34.5 billion, 2017 was an unprecedented year of expansion for SPAR. The ability of the brand to be tailored to individual markets, informed by international best practice and the collaboration of partners, has secured its position as the world’s largest voluntary food retail chain, with 12,777 stores in 48 countries.

SPAR’s strong performance in 2017 was largely driven by the renaissance in neighbourhood retailing in Europe and further international expansion, entering and opening stores in Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Belarus and Qatar. In addition, the newly licensed countries of Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Greece and Malta are soon expected to begin operations, making this a record year for SPAR International’s expansion into new countries.


Global Sales Share of 61.8%, Global Store Share of 75.1% and Global Sales Area Share of 50.8%. Average store size of 393 m2


Global Sales Share of 15.2%, Global Store Share of 12.1% and Global Sales Area Share of 16.2%. Average store size of 777 m2


Global Sales Share of 16.5%, Global Store Share of 8% and Global Sales Area Share of 16%. Average store size of 1,154 m2


Global Sales Share of 6.5%, Global Store Share of 4.8% and Global Sales Area Share of 17%. Average store size of 2,069 m2

The outlook for 2018 and beyond is very positive. SPAR will continue to build on the solid performance in the mature markets of Western & Central Europe and South Africa, whilst capitalising on the growth opportunities in the fast-developing markets of Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.